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Be Every Day

A journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love decades in the making. Follow along and be inspired at how Martha Marvel discovered her truth.

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Finding and Building Community in Mauston

Kristen Whitson and her wife, Gaia, bought 11 acres in Mauston, WI (population 4,347 as of the 2020 census) and were pleasantly surprised to find themselves as new buds in a now blossoming LGBTQ+ community.

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TRACE Your Transition

Madison-born Taylor Greene (he/him) has created the world’s first mobile application for transgender and non-binary individuals. TRACE is an acronym representing the app’s purpose: Transition, recording, and community engagement.

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Camp & Glamp Adventures

Like so many, Nichie Bendt and Terri “Zeke” Zeman survived the isolation and disruption of Covid by finding ways to stay connected to their community (and to sanity) by getting outside and finding peace and joy through camping and outdoor adventures. They have now started a Brooklyn, Wisconsin-based hospitality business rooted in luxury camping accommodations and the creation of memorable experiences.

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Food & Dining

Cash & Olive’s Pub

Jen O’Branovich and Courtney Sargent of Millie’s Coffee & Eatery in Cambridge have traded in the sunny space they formerly occupied in Galleria 214 to expand into a more Sconnie-style environment outside the main drag.



Arts & Entertainment

Catching up with Kathy Griffin

Steve Noll chats with the legendary comedian about why she’s done performing in clubs, life on the PTSD-List, her upcoming show at Overture Center on April 21, and yes… the infamous photo.

Queer Joy Book Club

A Q&A with the Social Media Administrator, Jamie Butler, about a monthly meetup at the Goodman South Madison Public Library. The Queer Joy Book Club strives to be inclusive by considering books available in the Madison library system that have an e-reader option, an audiobook option, or even a graphic novel.



Home & Garden

Choosing a New Neighborhood

Vivienne Andersen, a full-time REALTOR® for more than a decade, looks at ways that LGBTQ people assess safety when deciding where to buy a home.

A Rural Oasis

Princeton-raised Matthew Trotter is building a purposefully curated ecosystem that both lifts up his home town’s history and celebrates a queerer version of up-north culture.

A Secret Worth Sharing

A 25-year exercise in spontaneity and experimentation transformed a neglected property into an eclectic eden.



Health & Families

Pain Is In the Brain

Nyle Biondi, MS LMFT, was one of the first out trans therapists in the state of Wisconsin and has devoted the past few years to helping others heal from chronic pain and health conditions.

For Such a Time as This

Vica-Etta Steel speaks to Reverend Peter Beeson about his faith and work as Lead Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran church as they pursue a rebuild that includes affordable housing.

Reaching Farther

OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center has nearly doubled in size over the past year, adding new programs and expanding existing ones.The center’s program director, A.J. Hardie, details the impact.

Where Health & Justice Partner

The Center for Patient Partnership has launched a dedicated LGBTQ+ health justice program to support and advocate for LGBTQ patients navigating insurance challenges.



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